SICAT Implant – Features such as Image Plane Adjustment, Measurements or Nerve Mapping

Learn in this course about the additional options offered by the software and how to best utilize them. Discover the advantages of multiple views with recurring procedures. Customize measurements of angles and distances according to your needs and learn how to visualize sensitive structures such as nerve canals. Also get valuable tips and advice on how to automatically align implants parallel to each other or how to take abutments into account. After this course you will know exactly how to integrate 3D implant planning and the SICAT Implant workflow into your daily practice.


  • How to use the MPR view
  • How to use the panoramic view
  • How to use the inspection window
  • How to adjust the image plane
  • How to use the 3D rendering
  • How to measure distance
  • How to measure angles
  • How to use the nerve mapping tool
  • How to parallelize implants
  • How to consider abutments

Target Group

Dentists who already have experience with the SICAT Implant software and want to use even more functions. Applicable for all those who have already completed the SICAT Implant Basic Course or SICAT Implant Advanced Part 1.

Additional information

Last Update: 2022-08-31

Using the MPR view

How to evaluate important structures

Using the panoramic view

How to adjust the panoramic curve and the thickness to both jaws

Using the inspection window

How to display slices parallel to the panoramic curve

Adjusting the image plane

How to view even inclined structures

Using the 3D rendering

How to benefit from 3D visualization

Measuring the distance

How to enable precise implant planning

Measuring the angles

How to support your diagnosis by determining angles

Using the nerve mapping tool

How to ensure safety distance to the mandibular nerves

Parallelizing implants

How to place implants parallel to each other

Considering abutments

How to visualize abutments for further prosthetic considerations

Planning of anchor pins/fixation screws is performed in the exact same way as of the regular implants. In the implant database, you will find the pins/screws by various manufacturers (the corresponding guide sleeves are usually preselected by the software).
To send an adjusted implant plan to SICAT, please follow the steps below.
1. Open the planning project
2. Perform your adjustments
3. Click on Manage plans (gears icon) in the "Plans" area and then Export plan
4. Note that for a plan change usually no optical impressions must be submitted and deactivate the selection here if necessary.
5. Select the desktop as storage location in the "Path" area and
6. Click on Export plan.

On your desktop screen you will subsequently find a zip-file (once you have activated the check box “Export to zip file” within the “Manage Plans” menu) which can be attached to an e-mail. Send the e-mail to [email protected]
(If you would like to submit optical impressions and/or volume data in special cases, please use the SICAT Portal).
By default, the zip-file exclusively contains the implant plan and no optical impression (regardless whether optical impressions were imported or not). You can uncheck the check box for optical impressions to keep the data volume small enough for an e-mail attachment.
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Level: Advanced